Weather Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

Station system up for 4 Days 4 Hours 32 Minutes 0 Seconds
Station system free memory 308.876 MB
This website uses Weather-Display (10.37Q-(b27)) for weather conditions reporting.
ISS Battery Status: 4.6 Volts Last Replaced: 4/26/17 Prev:
It was last started 8:20:17 AM 1/23/2011.

ISS Battery Status: 4.6315 Volts
Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
08/17/2017 2:29pm
Weather-Display FTP NOT Current 0:42:53 > 0:05:15
08/17/2017 1:46pm
Weather-Display weather data NOT Current 57456:39:18 > 0:05:15
01/27/2011 12:50pm